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Introduce yourself here!
Started:June 10th, 2009 (07:43 PM) by Big Mike Views / Replies:352,202 / 5,749
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Welcome to Big Mike's Trading Forum.

Welcome, Guest!

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Introduce yourself here!

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Introduce yourself here!

Hi everyone!

Like most day traders, I blew up my account a couple times and lost enough money to make most grown men weep. After I regrouped I started trading with common sense and with control of my emotions.

Later, I decided I wanted a forum to share my ideas as well as learn from others. I created my blog on April 17th, 2009 in order to meet this goal, as well as hold myself accountable for my trades and actions. I wanted a way to be able to lookback and ensure I was following my own advice.

The blog introduced me to a lot of fellow traders, some struggling, some doing exceptionally well. Talking with them everyday has really helped my trading and given me a lot of new ideas as well. In turn, I hope that I have provided them something useful that helps in their trading.

Since the blog did very well I decided to create this forum, and it was born June 11th, 2009. The forum was designed with the specific goal of having a small community of traders focused on making money. There are other sites out there but I never really felt at home with many of them, their userbase is too focused on proving someone wrong instead of trying to help.

You can find some more information about me in my profile.


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Good hunting!


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3) Set goals for yourself to reach daily. Make them about how you trade, not how much money you make.
4) Accept responsibility for your actions. Stop looking elsewhere to explain away poor performance.
5) Where to start as a trader? Watch this webinar and read this thread for hundreds of questions and answers.
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Glad to join, Mike

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wh aka arne! Thank you for joining!

He Mike and All,

i am a full time student since 9 years.
I've never really worked for a boss and that is good.
I make money and i lose money, but i can live.

i have a diploma in geoinformatic and make now my master thesis.
i started trading 3 years back. first time one futures now on forex.

my goal is an ats, a money making machine.

i have a simple plan to make cash, i jump with direction of trend pick 10 pips and shutdown the system.

i am interested on neural networks like this and so on.

Best regards and good forum feeling

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Hoping to (l)earn ....

Thanks Mike for the forum.

As many I also lost money for years. My turnaround started last year realizing the importance of not loosing and good money management. I did mainly stocks so far and swing trading.

Hope to pick up how to do futures here.

Main platform is NT .... hoping to automate a little and be able to do the US market during our Australian nights.

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Current BMT User Poll

Have you ever blown up your account?


Glad to join this fourm, hopefully this fourm will be successful like BLOG!!!!!!


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Glad to see you here George!

Hi Mike,

Thank you! I'm glad to be here and be a part of all this. And Congratulations on all this. You've done an amazing and a wonderful job!


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i am a trader from India. been dabbling with NT for sometime and found the site of Mike. looks really neat.

hope to learn a trick or two from you guys.

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New to the trading site

Hey mike , hey traders:
I just want to say that I am new to the futures trading. been sim most of the time cause I do not want to lose my money as I have done in the past with stocks. I want to learn the discipline, have a plan and trade it. I also like to learn from all you traders that have experience and are willing to help those in need. I find most traders like to keep things a secret like they are the only ones with a the secret or holy grail and if we know there so caled secret then no more money will be made for them. There is plenty of money to be made so I do not know why some people are unwilling to help. On the other hand I have found a few that are so helpfull cause they know what it is like to lose there account and now they know what its like with new traders to struggle.
So enough rambling, you all get the point. I hope I can learn from you all and able to pass my insight on to others.


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Welcome bukkan,

Glad to have you. The forum is brand new, so we'll need help from fellow traders like yourself to make it into a nice community.

You must give in order to receive


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Manta, Ecuador
Trading Experience: Advanced
Platform: My own custom solution
Favorite Instrument: SP500, Stocks
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Thanks for the kind words, George.

I've really enjoyed your previous contributions, especially in money management and psychology. I look forward to more!


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