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04-26-15 12:14 PM  Itchymoku : Imo the newer cities usually have the most to offer, that is of course unless the older city has gone through the gentrification process. Philly will always be too congested because it was originally designed without much space in Ben Franklin's day lol
04-25-15 8:57 PM  Itchymoku : What city do you like the best that you've been to?
04-25-15 6:14 PM  TheShrike : I enjoyed Philly when I was there.
04-25-15 5:49 PM  Itchymoku : At face value I wouldn't consider Philly worth it's salt to any surrounding cities, but I guess it's all who you know, how much money you have to spend, and where exactly you're staying. The suburbs have vastly more wealth than the inner city. Other cities seem a little more mixed.
04-25-15 2:58 PM  TheShrike : I much prefer Boston to NY
04-25-15 2:46 PM  TheShrike : very similar to what is happening in harlem
04-25-15 2:45 PM  TheShrike : south boston was always a working class neighborhood but now it's being gentrified
04-25-15 1:15 PM  Itchymoku : south boston looks like a nice, quaint little area. I like how it's got a beach snug against the town. What do you take of the city?
04-25-15 12:47 PM  TheShrike : riiiiibs!
04-25-15 11:34 AM  Itchymoku : That was yesterday, today is rib day. Pop out your grills everyone, it's about to get smoky! 'Tis the season of backyard grill smells and fresh cut grass.
04-25-15 11:03 AM  GregLGTP : Happy Hamburger Day Everyone!
04-25-15 10:19 AM  Itchymoku : gm
04-24-15 5:23 PM  Branzol : Everyone needs the ordering system Panera has, not a huge Panera fan but that ordering app for your phone saves so much time.
04-24-15 4:57 PM  cory : save time pre order your burger
04-24-15 4:26 PM  tturner86 : I don't need an excuse to eat a burger... but that is a good reason as any!
04-24-15 3:23 PM  TheShrike : is it really?
04-24-15 1:44 PM  Itchymoku : international hamburger awareness day
04-24-15 11:58 AM  tturner86 : Saturday is the greatest holiday ever
04-24-15 10:41 AM  cory : y the weekend holiday is coming, we celebrate it every week
04-24-15 10:40 AM  rossco : Just winding up for an explosion higher then hopefully
04-24-15 10:38 AM  TheShrike : nope
04-24-15 10:37 AM  rossco : Is it a holiday in the US today? Seems pretty quiet / choppy so far.
04-24-15 8:43 AM  brightside : gm
04-24-15 8:33 AM  TheShrike : gm
04-23-15 6:24 PM  TheShrike : be careful you don't hamstring yourself. If you see an opportunity in the other direction
04-23-15 4:06 PM  Itchymoku : I'm starting to try and trade in one direction per day
04-23-15 4:05 PM  Itchymoku : and it's taking off again now
04-23-15 4:04 PM  Itchymoku : yeah, a little bit long, nq
04-23-15 3:59 PM  TheShrike : You trade today?
04-23-15 3:59 PM  TheShrike : I took a little Kratom and got a lot done
04-23-15 3:57 PM  TheShrike : Then I shut it down and did some chores around the house
04-23-15 3:57 PM  TheShrike : Pretty good, one trade today. Went long and took a good portion of that beastly move
04-23-15 3:53 PM  Itchymoku : oh, just lurking around, you? How'd you do today?
04-23-15 3:46 PM  TheShrike : where you been man?
04-23-15 11:52 AM  Itchymoku : timing is everything; those who are too eager to get paid pay others.
04-23-15 10:37 AM  TheShrike : quiet day here
04-23-15 8:46 AM  TheShrike : gm
04-22-15 3:54 PM  puma : RANsquawk> CME says that the 2010 flash crash was not caused by the futures market #FreeNavinder
04-22-15 2:19 PM  puma : from nanex
04-22-15 2:18 PM  puma : Replay of the flash crash - the thick red above price in left panel is Sarao's algo
04-22-15 9:31 AM  DoobyWho : But that's a different bar type. I'm talking about plotting the block orders above standard bars.
04-22-15 9:29 AM  Big Mike : volume ladder
04-22-15 9:18 AM  DoobyWho : I know i've seen it before but can't remember the name.
04-22-15 9:17 AM  DoobyWho : Hey guys, what was that NT indicator that plots above/below the bar the bars info like how many block/lot orders were in it?
04-22-15 8:43 AM  TheShrike : gm
04-22-15 7:46 AM  Neo1 : It's BS media hype, he's just some spoofer. Sounds like he doesn't even code.
04-22-15 4:41 AM  iqgod : Read comments: - a guy in his underpants sitting in a beat up old semi in London was able to wipe 10% off the Dow Jones Industrial Index. If this was even remotely possible the big banks would be paying this guy BILLIONS to do exactly the same thing but under the protection of hundreds of corporate lawyers.
04-22-15 4:39 AM  iqgod :
04-22-15 4:38 AM  iqgod : CFTC Charges U.K. Resident Navinder Singh Sarao and His Company Nav Sarao Futures Limited PLC with Price Manipulation and Spoofing
04-22-15 4:37 AM  iqgod :

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