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Sierra Chart feature requests-sierra_chart_scroll.png
Sierra Chart feature requests
Just moved from Ninja to Sierra and found this feature missing: The vol
profile doesn't 'develop' when historically going...
para6ut December 4th, 2013 121.0 KB 113
Sierra Chart feature requests-pnf2.png
Sierra Chart feature requests
Firstly, a lot of packages just don't implement it correctly at all. By "at
all" I mean the X and Os aren't even in columns...
KinsaleForex October 3rd, 2012 122.7 KB 65
Sierra Chart feature requests-2012-09-13_1755.png
Sierra Chart feature requests
yeah, same indicator, just set the VAH and VAL to ignore in the settings, and it
will only display VPOC ...
addchild September 13th, 2012 77.5 KB 145
Sierra Chart feature requests-dvpoc.png
Sierra Chart feature requests
I would like to request for dVPOC. If VPOC shifts during the profile session,
this would plot the previous VPOC levels....
snp500analyst September 13th, 2012 22.5 KB 161
Sierra Chart feature requests-8.png
Sierra Chart feature requests
Hello Mike ! Global settings - Customize toolbars - Tools and you can add
Horizontal Ray to your toolbar buttons. ...
Janos June 4th, 2012 189.2 KB 164
Sierra Chart feature requests-lolcats-funny-pictures-requests-triplicat.jpg
Sierra Chart feature requests
How about a hot key for Horizontal Ray. Please? Mike
Big Mike June 4th, 2012 24.2 KB 226
Sierra Chart feature requests-es-vbp-4-24-2012-1-41-26-pm.png
 ES-VbP-4-24-2012 1-41-26 PM.png
Sierra Chart feature requests
SC has added the option to draw profiles as outlines rather than the horizontal
bars: Volume by Price Outline Style Now...
omni72 April 24th, 2012 43.3 KB 65
Sierra Chart feature requests-pullback-column-example.jpg
 Pullback Column Example.jpg
Sierra Chart feature requests
Here is an example
rainbowtrader April 19th, 2012 44.2 KB 107

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